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Show A Little Love With Self-Care

Show A Little Love With Self-Care

Self-care encompasses physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and professional self-care. Striking a balance with each element is important and everyone should strive to create a healthy balance. Ultimately, the better we take care of ourselves the better we take care of our overall health. Below are three things to consider when it comes to self-care.

Take Self-Care Outdoors. Physical activity is one of the most important factors to consider in your wellbeing plan. Consider taking physical activities outdoors and take time to really enjoy nature for what it is. Spending time outside can potentially benefit your overall health and well-being.

  • Go for a nature walk or find a new trail to explore
  • Take your pup for a walk or a jog
  • Go to the park with friends or family
  • Try a new outdoor sport or throw the frisbee around
  • Go for a dip in the pool and swim some laps
  • Engage in physical activity that is fun, sing and dance!

Self-Care Includes Getting Adequate Sleep Each Night. Nearly every bodily system relies on adequate sleep to function effectively. Insufficient sleep can potentially impact energy, focus, coordination, decision making skills, nutritional choices, mood, and motivation. Healthy adults should aim for about 7 to 9 hours each night. The ideal amount varies from person to person.

  • Listen to your body to help feel rested.
  • Create a good sleep environment
  • Create a consistent wake and sleep time
  • Wind down about an hour before sleep
  • Keep temperatures cool and comfortable
  • Limit caffeine prior to sleep
  • Turn off or limit electronics

Self-Care Includes Eating Healthy. Food is so much more than just a source of energy. The human body is built on nutrition. The relationship we have with the foods that we eat are incredibly important to our overall sense of health and wellbeing. Overall, adequate nutrition can help the body to function properly and support overall health.

  • Aim for a food first approach and find what works best for your body
  • Include adequate intake to meet your daily nutritional needs
  • Include a balance of all five food groups: dairy, protein, fruits, vegetables, grains
  • Include a quality source of protein to balance each meal and snack
  • Add in sources of omega-3 fatty acids found in a variety of fish, nuts and seeds
  • Reach of easy nutrition when on-the-go to help support good choices. think! high protein bars have 20g of protein, 0g of sugar and are just as convenient as they are delicious.

Self-care is a beautiful thing. It empowers individuals to focus their energy on overall health. It's important to integrate self-care into your routine everyday all throughout life. Start small and find things that makes you happy!