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Professional Dancer Kayla Bundy tips to prioritize your health and life experience

Professional Dancer Kayla Bundy tips to prioritize your health and life experience

As a professional dancer, personal growth podcast host, and social media influencer, keeping my mind and body healthy while having control over my mindset is essential. That is why I've partnered with think! to share with you my best advice to not only prioritize your health but experience life to the fullest! Learn how you can #thinkStrong and achieve your goals while fueling your body to obtain the life you desire!

Growth is a choice, and it starts with discipline

You might not always feel like putting in the work and progressing on the goals you've set. This is especially true when you don't see results right away. However, returning to your routine and being disciplined in the commitments you've previously made has helped me so much to not get caught up in the end goal but stay focused during the process.

Doing the hard thing when it's easy

What I mean by this is don't wait for the storm to come to make the decision to change or focus on your health. It's easy to know when to prioritize yourself and mental health once you've broken down or had the explosion BUT imagine what it would look like if you already chose to prioritize these aspects of your life that make you happier, healthier, and more prepared. When things in your life are going well, use that momentum to seize an opportunity for self-improvement.

Listen to your body

This one has been so transformative in my life recently. Yes, I'm disciplined. Yes, I'm hard working. Yes, I'm focusing on my goals. But yes, I also experience setbacks, burnout, tough days, etc. and not forcing myself to do things when my body is in desperate need of a break is so important. Especially as a woman, I've learned how important it is to listen to your body. With all the hormones fluctuating throughout the month, some days my workouts are extremely intense, and all my body craves is a salad and green juice, but other days going on a walk and having dense carbs is what my body wants as well. Other times, I feel like a social butterfly who can't wait to conquer the world, while other days I crave alone time and the thought of seeing people exhausts me. Knowing that neither feeling is alright and something I need to push through but rather understanding that my body is trying to cue me in on what I need is a really good thing to listen to. I've learned it's easier to convince your mind you are 'okay' but your body will truly let you know what you need.

Don't Compare. Congratulate!

It is so easy to get caught up in the comparison game. Whether you are comparing yourself to other people, other things, or past versions of yourself. The temptation to look everywhere but where we are is so prevalent in our world today. When you feel comparison creeping in, in an unhealthy way that takes away from your progress, STOP the thought pattern by focusing on something you recently did that you are proud of. Congratulate yourself in the steps you've taken in the direction you want to go. Meditate on how far you've come and how at the end of the day YOUR thoughts are the only ones that matter. To take it a step further, congratulate those who you are comparing yourself to. Instead of being envious, be inspired and motivated that someone else has done what they've done and opened a door of possibilities for you to walk through as well.

Most importantly, remember you are so capable, so valued, so intelligent, and so unique. You are a GIFT! Use these tips to better your life, create a path you're excited to walk down, live in a healthier way, and #thinkStrong.