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Fitness Instructor Kirsten Ferguson's Personal Tools for Dealing with Setbacks

Fitness Instructor Kirsten Ferguson's Personal Tools for Dealing with Setbacks

As a fitness instructor and busy mom, I've partnered with think! to share how I put positive thoughts into positive actions, no matter what life throws my way. Together with think!, learn how you can #thinkStrong and fuel your mind and body with what it craves so you can live a life you love!

You are stronger than you think!

Are you walking through a challenging time in your life and looking for some tools to help you not only get through the storm but also THRIVE? Look no further! As someone who is currently recovering from a physical injury, the one thing I wasn't truly prepared for was the toll this injury and recovery would take on me mentally. Over the past few months, I have leaned on the following affirmations to aid in my mental strength while gaining my physical strength back from my injury.

Positive Affirmations

There can be such power in manifestation and daily affirmations. By speaking your desires out loud daily to yourself, mentally you can start to truly believe them as fact. Affirmations or mantras help quiet the negative voices in our head and start to breathe life into our souls.

Here are five affirmations that can help you get through a difficult storm in life:

  1. I am growing through what I am going through
    It's knowing that even though I may not be happy with the fact that I am going through this right now, I'm confident that there will be something that grows from this. There is something I need to learn or experience in this moment that I wouldn't have if this was not happening to me right now.
  2. I am receiving the desires of my heart, this is just the process
    Just because this is happening in my life, does not mean that the desires of my heart aren't still possible. A lot of times, this is the exact pause needed to propel me to the next level.
  3. I am incredibly blessed and this week I choose to celebrate that
    This isn't happening to me, this is happening for me, and I should count it all as blessings. Sometimes in life things happen and there isn't prevention in our life, but rather protection. Count everything as a blessing, even if some things are disappointing.
  4. I am choosing joy today because what I asked for in my past is my current reality
    When we are so focused on something we want to come to fruition we tend to lose sight of the things we have received. The things you wanted years ago became your current reality. Find gratitude in that.
  5. I am going to win and will choose to not let the WHEN worry me.
    Even though at this moment you may not see the end, you are going to win. There are only lessons in it all. So, knowing all of that, why worry about when? The win is coming. Stay focused, do the work necessary - you got this!

And remember, #thinkStrong and fuel the life you love by incorporating think! bars into your daily routine to start or continue your journey to mental strength.