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Coach Monica Jones Tips to Build Mental Strength

Coach Monica Jones Tips to Build Mental Strength

As a certified personal trainer, wellness and performance coach, I've made it a goal to push myself and my clients to develop a better mind-body connection through different mindfulness practices and a higher protein diet. I've partnered with think! to share how you can fuel your body and harness the power of your thoughts and how to adopt a #thinkStrong mentality to power through your day.

How to build mental strength

Turn positive thoughts into positive actions with tips from Coach Monica Jones, NASM Certified PT & Precision Nutrition Coach

Take Action!

Have you ever received a kind compliment and found it difficult to accept it? Ever earned an opportunity but quickly doubted that you were worthy of the spotlight? You are not alone! As a sponsored athlete and content creator, I have experienced imposter syndrome and perfectionism more times than I can describe.

I realize my mindset was often slowing down my progress and, in many cases, it was hindering me from creating anything at all. In order to shift my thoughts, I decided to start journaling about exactly what I wanted and just faithfully believing it was possible. Once I started reading my entries, I decided to fully claim my greatness and to support my desires with daily affirmations. Affirmations can help us challenge limited beliefs, fears and those pesky, habitual doubts.

Two of my favorite affirmations to practice became: "I am improving" and "confidence comes from taking action." I have really transformed my mindset by reading these daily on my bathroom mirror and writing them in the evening when I journal. I've seen so much success just by practicing this self-love and belief, and I can't imagine my days without it.

If you are interested in practicing affirmations, here is a list of things to consider when doing so:

  • Reciting them may feel foreign or silly at first, so writing out your affirmations can introduce your subconscious to the concept.
  • Recite your affirmations out loud in the mirror without any expectations. The belief is in the doing, not the seeing.
  • Include both internal (what you can do) and external (what you are experiencing) phrases. For example: coupling "I am improving" with "life is happening for me, not to me." This is a great way to bring your surroundings into your affirmation practice.
  • Bringing affirmations to life takes bravery, so challenge yourself to share one (or more) of your affirmations and goals with someone you trust. Their support can take your efforts even further.
  • The point is not to be perfect. It's to open our mind to the endless possibilities, so think of your practice as a new adventure with which you have nothing to lose.

Say it with me, "I am powerful. I am worthy of all that I desire." Remember, practice makes progress. Now go be great!