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How Much Protein Do I Need in a Day?

How Much Protein Do I Need in a Day?

How many protein-rich foods do you consume daily? It is recommended that most healthy adults consume 0.4 grams of protein for every pound of body weight per day. For example, a 140 pound woman would require around 56 grams of protein each day. (The math: 0.4 x 140 lbs = 56 grams of protein). Check out the examples below to help you visualize the protein content of a few foods:

1 large egg = 6 grams protein

½ cup nonfat Greek yogurt = 11 grams protein

3 oz chicken breast = 26 grams protein

½ cup edamame = 10 grams protein

1 think! High Protein Bar = 20 grams protein

Your body likes to receive protein throughout the course of the day, so be sure to include protein-rich foods at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks! When and how would I include protein in my day? Life gets busy, and sometimes preparing a meal or snack may be out of the question. Whether plant or whey based, protein bars are a convenient and simple option to help ensure you're getting enough protein in your diet on your busiest days. Between meals: If you're feeling hungry between meals and need a quick, satiating energy boost. Pack a few bars in your bag or stash a box in your desk at work to ensure you have satisfying protein on hand when hunger strikes. Post workout: Our muscles are broken down during exercise and then start to rebuild and repair afterwards. Try adding a protein shake post-workout to deliver some protein to your muscles to help support the recovery process. Protein bars are also a great way to refuel after a workout! With meals: Our bodies like to receive protein throughout the course of the day, which means we should aim to include it at every meal and snack. Breakfast is often a time when we fall short on protein. Eating a protein-rich oatmeal grabbing a protein bar when on-the-go or adding a scoop of protein powder to your smoothie or pancake batter, are easy ways to boost protein in the morning hours. Also, pairing a protein bar as your post meal, sweet treat is a foolproof strategy to bump up the protein power of your meal. Nikki DeAngelis, RDN, LDN