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Alex Dawson: Yoga Instructor & Wellness Coach

Alex Dawson: Yoga Instructor & Wellness Coach

From the moment we wake up, our mind is immersed in a story. Some of it's great, but at times, it's like a crime scene, and it can deplete your energy. In a sense we are passively visualizing our day all the time. With a mindfulness practice, you can begin to reclaim your energy and shape your day in a matter of minutes. In this practice, I will share with you four keys to Visualizing Your Day.

  1. Pause

The first step is to pause and situate your body in a way that helps you to collect yourself. Traditionally, this is done sitting or lying down. However, for some people it will be more effective to take a deliberate walk outside. Yes, a pause can mean that you are walking. For some, a more kinetic experience is needed to begin the process of inner connection. If that sounds like you, then I want to encourage you to embrace what works best for you. Eventually, you may get to where sitting works for you, too. Either way, it's all good.

  1. Identify, Open, & Plant

The purpose of this step is to identify "power centers" in your body where we hold creative energy. These are the places where we sow the seed of our visualization. As a suggestion, you might choose your heart or your gut. These are potent places to root your visualization.

At times, our power centers, often referred to as chakras, might feel a bit closed off, sluggish, or dormant. That is a normal part of navigating life, which is why this practice is so valuable. Mindfully bringing awareness to our body helps us to open blocked areas and ultimately reclaim our energy.

Now, ask yourself: What do I want right now? If there's a single word that describes the energy you want to project into the world today, what would it be? Then, plant that energy like a seed in your gut or your heart. Visualize this seed (holding your energy) emitting a signal that you will be broadcasting throughout the entire day.

  1. Shape

Now that you have planted the seed of what type of energy you want to radiate today, have fun with it. Consider every upcoming encounter you're aware of today and envision every dream you'd like to experience now. These thoughts will guide the process as we shape our vision.

Whether sitting or walking, bring your hands in front of you as if you are holding an invisible ball of energy that can transform and mold. As you reflect on each upcoming moment in your day, mold this imaginary ball as though it carries the energy of each encounter. Shift it, elevate it, adjust it in any way that feels like you are shaping your own personal energetic masterpiece. The final form may not even be a ball when you are done with it. You might go all Jackson Pollack, flinging your energy through each imagined moment. Let it land on the canvas of your day, and let it feel priceless. Because that is what today really is for all of us. Priceless.

  1. Amplify

As you move throughout your day, take moments to breathe and bring your hands together in the form of an imaginary ball. Allow this seed to be broadcast repeatedly into the world around you. Keep returning to the original intention of energy you wish to share with the world.

The practice of visualizing our day allows us to reclaim our energy and genuinely revel in our lives. It helps us form a deeper connection with the world around us. This is very much an inside job. As we connect to what we are giving, we become less reliant on external factors to change in order to know peace. We realize that happiness is something we create. It's not something that happens to us.

You got this. I love you. Keep going! - Alex Dawson Yoga