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3 Fun Nutrition Tips for Summer Camp

3 Fun Nutrition Tips for Summer Camp

Summer break has begun, and kids are off to summer camp. Summer camps are a great time for kids to explore many outdoor activities, discover new interests, learn and have fun. There are countless activities from hiking to sailing. With so much fun in the sun - nutrition may be the last thing on your kid's mind. However, nutrition is still an essential element that should remain top-of-mind all summer long. Here are three summertime nutrition tips to remember this season -

#1 | Keep Cool with Water

Water is especially important in the summer due to the increased activity in the summer heat and humidity. Keep hydration simple and pack plenty of ice-cold water in a reusable bottle. Water can get boring for kids. So, consider using water enhancers, fresh frozen fruit or packing sports drinks.

#2 | Hydrate with Summertime Fruits

Summertime is packed with lots of sweet summer produce, which can help support hydration. Pack fresh fruits like apples, oranges, strawberries and blueberries. Slice up water packed fruits like some juicy watermelon, mangoes, and cantaloupe. Freeze fruits like grapes, berries, peaches and kiwis for an extra cold bite.

#3 | Pack Kid Friendly Protein + Carbohydrates Snacks

Summertime adventures can rev up hunger levels throughout the day. Consider packing easy to carry snacks that include a combination of protein plus carbohydrates. If kids don't enjoy what you've packed, then chances are you'll find that snack days later uneaten. Instead, pack options like frozen yogurts, granola bars, protein bars, whole fruits, and trail mix. Trail mix is a great choice to add some heathy options and goodies. Mix in nuts, seeds, dried fruit, pretzels, raisins and your kid's favorite mini sweets.

Don't leave your child's nutrition in the dark this season. Instead keep nutrition top of mind and have fun with it! Involve your kids when selecting summer camp snacks, and include them in the prep work. Summer has a lot of great nutritious options to offer from sweet watermelon to cool cucumbers. Keep it fun, and keep it cool all summer long!